hello! I'm Amy!

If you’ve hopped over from Instagram then you might know a little bit about me already…

If not, let me tell you a little.

After studying finance at university, I spent five years in the corporate world. When my baby girl, Anna was born, I started to rethink my life and my passions. She made me realise that the corporate world was not for me.

I soon realised that I am a flower child.

I have always taken delight in all things floral. Designing and creating for my own wedding really ignited that passion. It was more than just fun. I was inspired.

I am a great believe in taking my cues from the beauty of nature - in all it’s glorious stages and seasons. I find inspiration in travel photography, art, fashion - and every day life. I am forever on the hunt for what is available naturally, and spend my time foraging for that special something that is magical and unique.

Loose, natural, garden style arrangements with beautiful flowers, and tangled stems. Wispy, fly away foliage and trailing fronds. Soft delicate blooms. Contrasting textures and colours.

Just as Mother Nature intended.

Creating floral spaces and designs, that are meaningful and personal and expressive - and fulfilling the dreams of my clients - brings me great joy.

Now let's get down to business.

MISS floral studio is a floral styling and design studio based in Sydney, specialising in natural and romantic floral designs. MISS offers a range of flower subscription services, as well as designing custom styling and floral for proposal, elopement, weddings and other events. Based in Sydney's Inner West, MISS floral studio serves the greater Sydney region and surrounding areas and will always strive to give you the highest quality in products and service.